Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog post. I’m really excited to finally start this site. In all honesty, I’m probably a little young to have my own blog but I simply couldn’t wait to start! You can check out the welcome page in more detail (if you haven’t already) to learn a little more about what I’ll be posting but this post is slightly more personal, so, without further ado, I give you 10 facts about ME!!!

  1. I am still in secondary school
  2. I live with my two older brothers, my three cats & dog, my mum and her fiancé
  3. I’m not very artistic but music and creation are two of the many things I’m passionate about
  4. I like to have a wide circle of friends – including anyone and everyone – but also like to choose very few special friends to welcome into my closer family
  5. I suffer from undiagnosed mild depression and get panic attacks from my stress a& claustrophobia which I hide from everyone (except for now you guys) but I’d rather not going to detail about that as this site is about trying to help you guys, not my self pity party
  6. I tend to be quite a happy, easy-going person but have a very short temper
  7. I am female – in case you didn’t know – and I am part: Latvian, Australian, Italian, Scottish and probably every other ¬†country on the planet but was born in England
  8. My favourite times are Friday evening, when I finally get some free time with my mum and Saturdays & Sundays when I visit my dad and his parents
  9. My favourite colour is sunset orange (a bit like Peeta Mellark)
  10. I enjoy watching telly, baking and lots of other stuff you’ll find out about on this blog

I hope you enjoyed this insider to my life. My posts will probably be shorter than this but I can get carried away when given a keyboard and an audience. That’s all for today, hope your having a good time and, if not, I hope it gets better and maybe this brought a smile to your face.


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